Ever wondered how Hotspot devices can be highly vulnerable?

100 Million spent on Physical Security + Securing Data Center + Firewalls + Endpoints = $10 hotspot device can result to data breach.

Corporates spends millions and million on securing their infrastructure by investing high end firewalls, physical security etc. but ever given a thought of using mobile devices or hotspot devices can be a greater challenge to control data breach. Hotspot devices can be considered as highly vulnerable under corporate environment unless there are appropriate measure’s and controls are in place.

One might safe guard the business data by using physical security, firewalls and endpoints etc. What if an employee has an option to work from home or at office using hotspot devices? Hotspot devices are easy to carry and configurable without much administrative efforts, now a days every mobile devices have hotspot options.

Once the user connects the internet using hotspot devices means out of corporate network bypassing your physical security, firewall and endpoints. For instance, users can copy the required data to their local system and can be further transmitted using hotspot without any further trails.

Most of the large enterprises use virtual systems such as VDI for the users to work and save remotely and not allowing them to copy content from remote desktop to local. This could be challenging for small and medium sized companies to achieve similar environment with limited budget.

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