Now a days software licensing are becoming more complex to understand and manage.

Vendor audits are on the rise and the future outlook is that they will continue to increase, especially as vendors realize that the return on investment in a customer compliance program brings back an average ten dollars for every dollar spent.  More focus will be placed on compliance from both the vendor and the end-user perspectives.


Software Asset Management Best Practices:

  • Established policies and processes for how software is used, distributed and managed within the enterprise.
  • A software discovery method/tool for determining what is installed and/or being used throughout the enterprise.
  • A repository for storing software license data (contracts, purchase records, etc.).
  • A periodically scheduled self-audit process rooted in the same methodologies used by vendor auditors that allow you to address any over and under licensing.The added benefit to this is cost control.
  • Centralized procurement processes to eliminate the many ways that software (and other assets) can be over or under purchased.
  • A goal to negotiate better software license agreements, rather than accepting the stock “boilerplate” contract that a vendor will offer.
We help the organizations to overcome software compliance issue by placing appropriate SAM control-“Software Asset Management for easy manageability.