XTF Assurance Program

Most—if not all—of the information coming at CEO/CTO/CIO tends to focus their attention on cyber threats. The hackers often is the focus of mainstream news stories every time a new breach makes headlines, along with the assets that were stolen and their value. Organization’s own security professionals typically focus on the threats they defend against each an every day, since that’s the nature of their technology-oriented jobs. Just focusing on threats can lead an business enterprise down a horrific path.

Our framework is not limited to any specific industry, XTF can be tailored as per the business model and its associated risks. We adapt ISO27001’s the similar auditing protocol by conducting GAP audits, internal audits, third party external audits, VAPT, PEN Testing and much more. Our framework is not limited to particular standard but combination multiple standards and framework.

We decided to expand a cost effective program, that can cater immediately and future need of every business.

Today's enterprise calls for dynamic, comparative, flexible, proven methodology than the conventional approach to tackle information security.

XpertLync is a formation of a group qualified LA auditors having expertise in the various domain taking care of PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, Cyber Security, SOC and much more.

We have introduced Xpert’s Trusted Framework (XTF) with the intention to secure your business with a described process, policies, technical and meeting global regulatory challenges.

By deploying the XTF Assurance program, organisation can have better control and safeguard their information and keep up the trust of their clients.

Organization's Shared Responsibility