Backup & Disaster Recovery

Do you need to store your data in a secure location? Does your company need to ensure safety of sensitive data for compliance regulations? Do you want to be assured that even in the case of malfunction or malware attack your data will not disappear and you will be able to restore the system?

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery service will help you with all of that, including:

Running and managing Backup
DR planning and DR drills
Automated failover and restore

Automation / DevOps

Automation and orchestration of IT processes are extremely important elements of a successfully operating infrastructure. Automation of single tasks allows you to lower costs of service provided and ensures high level of its availability (SLA). Automation is the key to creating the right balance between costs, reliability, speed, and time to market.

Service includes:

Creating and deploying ARM templates
Continuous delivery (CD) for infrastructure and applications